Madhuben & Bhanubhai Patel Institute of Technology

(A Constituent College of CVM University)

Student Discipline Committee

The following will, hereby, constitutes Institute’s Student Discipline Committee for the academic year 2024-25.

The members of this cell have to follow this points as under :

  1. The Student Discipline Committees constituted for the maintenance of discipline in the college. The committee will ensure that students obey rules and remain orderly and peaceful in the pursuant of educational objectives/goals in the college
  2. The Committee is responsible to follow all the Discipline as well as to check that the ‘Code of Conduct’ should properly follow by each & everyone who belongs to college.
  3. Students shall not engage themselves in action that are offensive to good and are disservice to succeeding generation of students of the college.
  4. Students must observe strict discipline in the campus; behave with dignity and courtesy to the principal, faculty members, administrative staff, visitors and fellow students.
  5. Political activities and the functioning of student’s organization are strictly banned in the campus. Unofficial meetings, strikes, demonstrations, agitations, and fund collection are strictly prohibited. Students who violate the above rules are liable to be dismissed from the college summarily.
  6. No student shall bring in to the college campus or hostels any banner, flag, board, notice, pamphlet or other such materials for purpose of any political activity of student organizations or other organisations.
  7. No meeting or entertainment shall be organized nor any fund collected in the college or the hostels without the permission of the Principal.
  8. Students should not go outside the college during class hours. In the event of unavoidable necessity they should seek special permission of the Principal / Head of the Department.
  9. Staff members/Discipline Committee shall have the powers to deny admission to students to classes/office/ labs/library/meetings/cultural programs and other programs in the case of violation of the dress code of the college.
  10. Students shall always wear identity cards issued by the college with tag and show them as and when demanded by the Principal, teachers and office staff/ security staff.
  11. No student shall use or keep in possession alcoholic drinks or drugs. Using/keeping of these items will lead to immediate expulsion of the student from the college and hostels.

The Institute has formed the committee with the following member:

Sr.No. Name Designation Email Id
1 Dr. Darshana Prajapati, I/c. Head & Asst. Prof.,ASH Dept.
Coordinator djprajapati@mbit.edu.in
2 Prof. Jagruti Prajapati, I/c. Head & Asst. Prof., IT Dept.
–do– jhprajapati@mbit.edu.in
3 Prof. Shital Gondaliya, Head & Asst. Prof., CE Dept.
–do– sngondaliya@mbit.edu.in
4 Prof. Jay Raval, Asst. Prof., ASH Dept.
–do– jgraval@mbit.edu.in
5 Prof. Tejal Tandel, Asst. Prof., IT Dept
–do– tbtandel@mbit.edu.in