Madhuben & Bhanubhai Patel Institute of Technology

(A Constituent College of CVM University)

Anti Ragging

The Committee shall meet as and when required and the minutes of the meetings may be recorded in the minute’s book.

The following duties and responsibilities are as follows for the academic year 2024-25:

  1. The Committee shall ensure that there shall be no incidence of ragging in the Institute campus.
  2. It is empowered to periodically inspect places of potential ragging. It will make surprise raids at hot spots.
  3. The squad shall investigate incidents of ragging, make recommendations to the Institution level committee, and shall work under the overall guidance of the said committee.

The Institute has formed the committee with the following member:


(A) Institute level Anti-ragging Committee Designation Email Id
1 Dr. Sudhir Vegad, Principal
Chairperson principal@mbit.edu.in
2 Dr. Darshana J. Prajapati, Asso. Prof. & HOD ASH
Convener djprajapati@mbit.edu.in
3 Prof. Mehul Thakkar, Asst. Prof.
Nodal Officer mgthakkar@mbit.edu.in
4 Dr Bhavesh Pithadiya, Asst. Prof.
Member bhpithadiya@mbit.edu.in
5 Prof. Tejal Tandel, Asst. Prof.
Member tbtandel@mbit.edu.in
6 Ms. Dhruvi M Padmani Student Member 12102080701026@mbit.edu.in
7 Ms. Pruthvi Goti Student Member Pruthvigoti6@gmail.com
8 Om Nayani Student Member

The Institute level Anti-ragging Squads and Hostel level Anti-ragging Squads shall work in co-ordination with the Institute level Anti-ragging committee and oversee the implementation of the recommendations.

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