Madhuben & Bhanubhai Patel Institute of Technology

(A Constituent College of CVM University)

Green Audit CVM

The Committee shall meet as and when required and the minutes of the meetings may be recorded in the minute’s book.

The following duties and responsibilities are as follows for the academic year 2020-21:

  1. Invite all the members of the committee for meeting once per semester.
  2. The Committee shall consider the environmental compliance audits, environmental management audits to verify whether an organization meets its stated objectives
  3. The Committee shall consider the functional environmental audits such as for water and electricity.
  4. The Committee shall create the health care facility to all staff members and students.
  5. The Committee make sure that rules and regulations are taken care of.
  6. To suggest the best protocols for adding to sustainable development.
Sr.No. Name Comm. Designation Email Id
1 Mrs. Khusbu Patel, Asst. Prof.
2 Mrs. Sejal Patel, Asst. Prof.
3 Mr. Atmiya Pate, Asst. Prof.
4 Ms. Alka Patel, I/c HOD
5 Mr. Jayakrushna Patel, Netlab Engr.
6 Mr. Hiteshbhai Patel, Wireman