Madhuben & Bhanubhai Patel Institute of Technology

(A Constituent College of CVM University)

Faculty Details

Prof. Priyanka Panchal

  • Assistant Professor
  • ppanchal@mbit.edu.in
  • 02692-230823
  • 9574718686

Total Experience

Teaching 8 Years 07 Months


Life Time Member of Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) : LM127658
Specialization Area : Data Mining,Graphics Designing, Web Development,Social Media Network with Big Data
Subject Taught : Computer Organization & Architecture,Computer Programming and Utilization,Information and Network Security,Data Compression and Data Retrieval,Operating System,Computer Graphics,Web Technology And Programming,Android Programming,Data warehousing And Data Mining,Data Structure,Design Engineering,
Visual Basic Application and Programming

Academic Qualification

Qualification Specialization University Passing Year Class
M.E. Information technology Gujarat Technological University 2013 Distinction
B.E. Information technology Sardar Patel University 2009 First

Experience Details

18th July, 2011 to till dates. Working as Assistant Professor in Department of Information Technology

Publication Details

International / National Journal:
  • Finding Frequent User Access from Web Server log files using Data Processing, International Journal of Data Warehousing & Mining, 2013.
  • Hybrid Technique for user’s web page access prediction based on Markov Model, IEEE Xplore, 2014.
  • A Review: Web Recommendation Using Different Approaches of Web Mining Techniques, International Journal of Advance Foundation and Research in Computer, 2015.
  • Personalized Automatic Recommendation with Page Ranking System, ICRISM-IJARSE, ISSN: 2319-8354, 2016.
  • Google android OS vs. Apple ios, IJAREST, Volume – 3 Issue – 5, ISSN: 2393 – 9877, 2016.
  • Responsive Web Design and Web Development using Bootstrap Front-End Framework, International Journal of Advanced Research in Science and Engineering (IJARSE), Volume 06, Issue 07, ISSN: 2319-8354, 2017
  • Web Development using Angular JS through Single Page Applications (SPA), IJRECE Volume – 6 Issue – 3, ISSN: 2393 – 9028, 2018
International / National Conference:
  • Priyanka Panchal, ” The challenges faced by Indian working women to balance professional and social life in 21st century “, International Conference on Women in Science & Technology : Creating Sustainable Career, 28-30 January 2016


  • Attended one week STTP on “Emerging Trends in Cloud Computing and Advance Networking” held during 20-24 December, 2014 by Department of Information Technology at V. V. P. Engineering College, Rajkot.
  • TEQIP-II Sponsored One Week Short Term Training Program on “Wireless Sensor Network and Applications” during 19-12-2016 To 24-12-2016 at CE dept., BVM
  • One Week National Level STTP on “Cloud Computing and Internet of Things”, during 11-06-2018 To 16-06-2018 at IT Dept., GCET
  • One week STTP on “Machine Learning for Internet of Things”, CE dept., GCET.
  • GUJCOST Sponsored and ISTE Approved STTP on “Recent Trends in IT: Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics & IoT”, 26th November to 1st December 2018, IT Dept., BVM
  • GUJCOST Sponsored STTP on “Machine Learning for Internet of Things”, 22nd April to 27th April 2019, CE Dept., GCET
  • Two week ISTE Workshop on Computer Networking conducted by IIT Bombay from May 28th, 2014 to July 5th, 2014.
  • One week state level workshop on ”Android Application Development”, during 24-11-2015 To 28-11-2015 at MSU.
  • GUJCOST Sponsored Workshop on “Applications of MATLAB Software in other Engineering Disciplines”, during 18th – 19th June 2019 at MBIT.
  • Symposium on “Women Empowerment program” organized by the CWDC of MBICT Sponsored by GUJCOST, 15-03-2016 at MBICT.
  • Seminar on Applications of Image Processing and Computer Vision, 16th March 2019, ISTE Faculty Chapter, MBICT.
Conference attended:
  • International Conference on “Women in Science & Technology Creating Sustainable Career”, 23-01-2016 to 26-01-2016 at BVM.
  • 3-days International Conference on “History and Recent Developments in Mathematics, with Applications in Science and Technology (ICHDMAST 2019)” during December 17-19, 2019 at MBIT, New V .V. Nagar, Gujarat.
Events organized:
  • ISTE Flash Workshop Coordinator & Conducted at MBICT.
  • Workshop on Computer Architecture Education held on 12-03-2016 at MBICT.
  • Workshop on “Building Web Application Using Bootstrap and AngularJS Framework” held on 23-09-2016 at MBICT.
  • One Day Workshop on Digital Image Processing with Application under ISTE held on 12th September 2015 at MBICT.

Computer Networks (3150710)

Course Outcome

  • Explain the basic terminologies used in networking and layered architecture of computer networks.
  • Comprehend basic protocols of the application layer and how they can be used to assist in network design and implementation.
  • Describe and implement the essential principles of a connection less and connection-oriented protocols used for reliable data transfer, flow control and congestion control.
  • Design network architecture, assign IP addressing and apply various routing algorithms to find shortest paths for network-layer packet delivery.
  • Illustrate different link layer terminologies like error detection-correction, Multiple access protocol and Link layer addressing used in network.
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Information and Network Security (2170709)

Course Outcome

  • Define the concepts of Information security and their use.
  • Describe the principles of symmetric and asymmetric cryptography.
  • Understand and apply the various symmetric key algorithms.
  • Understand and apply the various asymmetric key algorithms.
  • Understand the concepts of hashing with algorithms and apply them.
  • Understand and use the message authentication and its requirements.
  • Understand the concepts of digital signature and digital certificates.
  • List and explain various digital signature algorithms.
  • Understand and use the various key management and remote authentication mechanisms.
  • Understand the concept transport layer security.
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Computer Organization & Architecture (3140707)

Course Outcome

  • Identify and explain the basic structure and functional units of a digital computer.
  • Write assembly language programs and identify the role and working of various functional units of a computer for executing instructions.
  • Design processing unit using the concepts of ALU and control logic design.
  • Design circuits for interfacing memory and I/O with processor.
  • Comprehend the features and performance parameters of different types of computer architectures.
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Cryptography and Network security (3161606)

Course Outcome

  • Define terms related to cryptography, hashing, message authentication code, digital signature.
  • Describe and discuss symmetric key cryptography algorithms, public key cryptography algorithms, hashing algorithms, Message authentication code generation algorithms, digital signature algorithms, key generation and key management, issues in web security and solution, issues in Transport layer security and solution.
  • Demonstrate the generation of keys and execution of symmetric and public key algorithms from given data.
  • Implement cryptography solution for given security problem by identifying strength and weaknesses of algorithms based on cryptanalytic and brute force attack.
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