Madhuben & Bhanubhai Patel Institute of Technology

(A Constituent College of CVM University)

Faculty Details

Prof. Tejal Tandel

  • Assistant Professor
  • tbtandel@mbit.edu.in
  • 02692-230823
  • 9662530342

Total Experience

Teaching 9 Years 06 Months


Life membership of ISTE: LM92768
Specialization Area : Antenna Designing ,Microwave
Subject Taught : Basic Electronics, Advance Electronics, Applied Electronics, Elements of Electrical Engineering, Telecommunication switching systems and network , Engineering Electromagnetic , Antennas& wave propagation , Microwave Engineering, Satellite communication

Academic Qualification

Qualification Specialization University Passing Year Class
PhD Computer Engineering CVM University Pursuing
M.E. Communication System Engineering Gujarat Technological University 2011 Distinction
B.E. Electronics & communication Gujarat University 2008 Distinction

Experience Details

3rd July, 2011 to till dates. Working as Assistant Professor in Department of Information Technology
June 2008  to Sept. 2009. Worked as a Lecturer in Electronics & communication Department, Parul institute oof engineering (PIET),Waghodia

Publications Details

International / National Journal:
  • Miss Rajput Unnati ,Prof. Tejal Tandel ,Miss Gadkari yashashree,miss Dhruvita patel  “ Design of Vivaldi antenna for ultra wide band application” IJLTEMAS     Page no. 34-37 volume VI Issue IV  ,Date : March. 2017.
  • Miss Kajal Parmar  ,Prof. Tejal Tandel ,Miss Jwena Thaker  “ Designing  of factral antenna for dual band application ” IJLTEMAS     Page no. 43-47 volume VI Issue IV  ,Date : March. 2017
  • Prof. Tejal Tandel ,  “Design And Simulation Of Microstrip Rectangular Patch Antenna For Bluetooth Application “, IJLTEMAS     Page no. 23-27 volume IV Issue VIII  ,Date : August, 2015.
  • Tejal Tandel ,Prof. Nikunj Shangala “Rectangular microstrip patch antenna using coaxial probe feeding technique for 5.2 Ghz  WLAN Application” , IJSER,ISSN NO.-2229-5518, May-2015
  • Tejal Tandel ,Prof. Nikunj Shangala “ L slot Rectangular Patch antenna for WLAN Application” IJLTEMAS Page no. 34-37 volume IV Issue XII  ,Date : Dec. 2015
  • Tejal Tandel ,Prof. Nikunj Shangala ,Prof. Sunaina Domadia, Prof. Shital bhatt, “Dual Band microstrip patch antenna design for wireless communication application”IJAWRD, Volume 3, issue 1 ISBN No. : ISSN 2348-4470,JAN 2016
  • Nikunj Shangala , Prof. Tejal Tandel ,Prof. Sunaina Domadia Comparative analysis of Wavelet and Curvelet based Image Compression IJAERD, Volume 03 Issue 03 ,ISBN No. : ISSN -2348-6406, Date :MARCH  2016
  • Sunaina Domadia, Prof. Tejal Tandel ,Prof. Nikunj Shangala “WCE Image Enhancement and Disease Detection using classification” IJAERD, Volume 02 Issue 12 ,ISBN No. : ISSN  -2348-6406            Date :  Dec.- 2015.
International / National Conference:
  • Tejal Tandel ,Prof. Nikunj Shingala, Prof. Sanjay Shah ,“Designing CIC compensating Filters for sample rate conversion system” in International Conference (ICE-ICEE 2014) held from 23-25 Jan 2014 at Indore
  • Tejal Tandel ,Prof. Nikunj Shingala ‘Design and implemented double stage sharpened CIC filter with improved magnitude response” in International Conference on information , signal and communication organized by ADIT during 5-6 February ,2011
  • Tejal Tandel presented a research paper in national conference on “ Design Of CIC (Cascaded Integrator Comb) Compensation Filter With Improved Response” in “Recent trand in electronics and communication technology” held during April 8-9 ,2011. ECOMM at Indore.
  • Miss Sneha Sukla, Tejal Tandel ,Prof. Nikunj Shangala “Women Entrepreneurship In India” International conference- ICWSTCSC 2016 organized by BVM, Vallab vidhyanagar on JAN 2016
  • Prof. Shital bhatt, Prof. Sunaina Domadia, Prof. Tejal Tandel ,Prof. Nikunj Shangala “Professional Women: When Women Move Forward, The Family Moves, The Village Moves And Nation Moves” ,International conference- ICWSTCSC-2016   , organized by BVM, Vallab vidhyanagar on JAN 2016
  • Miss. Sweety yadav, Prof. Vipul Dabhi, Prof. Tejal Tandel “Improvement in performance parameters of mictrosrip antenna through defected ground structure –A review article” National conference-NCEC organized by C.U Shah college ,Wadhvan on JAN 2016
  • Prof. Tejal Tandel ,Prof. Nikunj Shangala “Women’s role in economic and social development” International conference- ICWSTCSC-2016 organized by BVM, Vallab vidhyanagar on JAN 2016


  • TEQIP sponsored S.T.T.P on on “Recent advances in antenna and meta materials” on 27-29 march 2014 at SVNIT ,Surat
  • STTP on “Microcontroller and Embedded C” during 11th June to 15th June,2012 held at electrical engineering o L.D. College of engineering at Ahmedabad.
  • Four-week AICTE approved FDP on “Use of ICT in Education for online and blended learning” during 2nd MAY-10 July 2016 at MBICT jointly with IIT Bombay.
  • ISTE Approved FDP On “Outcome Based Education And Accreditation : From 14th 20219 To 19tyh Oct. At MBIT, New V.V.Nagar
  • One-day Workshop On “Applications of Electromagnetic in Satellite Communication and Navigations” 12th September, 2015 at GCET
  • One day workshop on “Antenna Design and Simulation” on 19th 2013 at INDUS University
  • One day workshop on “Antenna, RF circuit and satellite communication” on 25th August, 2012 with technical support from AP/MTT chapter of IEEE Gujarat section, at ADIT, New V.V.Nagar
  • Two-week ISTE workshop on “Signal and Systems” by IIT Kharagpur from 2/1/14 to 12/1/ 14 jointly by IIT Kharagpur and MBICT.
  • Two-Week ISTE Workshop on “Control System” during 2-12-14 to 12-12-14 jointly by IIT Kharagpur and MBICT.
  • Two –week ISTE workshop on “Analog Electronics” from 4th to 14 th June ,2013 at MBICT, jointly by IIT Kharagpur and MBICT.
  • Workshop about Patent search and analysis report generation (PSAR) ON 7-9-2013 at MBICT
  • 5 days’ workshop on “Digital signal processing and it’s application” at BVM on 13th to 17th May ,2013 offered by CEPT Anchor institute for infrastructure sector with grade A.
  • Two-day ISTE Workshop on “Aakash for Education” conducted by Indian institute of Technology Bombay on 10th 7 11th November, 2012.
  • One-week workshop on “Research ISTE methods in education technology” from 2-2-13 to 9-2-13 at MBICT jointly by IIT Bombay and MBICT
  • Seminar on “Fundamental of Electromagnetic” on 4th April at Samatva ,2013 organized at MBICT
  • 2 days seminar on “Advance in RF and Microwave Applications” ON 17-18 JAN 2014 at LJIT, Ahmadabad
  • Seminar on “CST workshop series 2014” on 4/8/14 at Ahmadabad by Jyoti Electronics.
  • GUJCOST sponsored one day national seminar on “Competency based professional education theory to practice” on 12th March, 2016 at IICP,New V.V.Nagar.
  • One day symposium on “Women empowerment program” organized by the CWDC OF MBICT in collaboration with ADIT, SMAID, IICP ,New V.V.Nagar by GUJCOST on 15th March ,2016
  • One day seminar on “Signal & Systems” organized by EC Dept. at MBICT affiliation with GTU on 9th May, 2015
  • Seminar on “Silicon Nano-Device” organized by MBICT IEEE student branch at MBICT on 7th 2015
  • One day regional seminar on “ XXI century : Priorities in technical and higher education” organized by CVM in association with ISTE ,Gujarat section & GTU on 3rd August ,2011
  • Seminar on “Design Engineering” organized by EC Dept. at MBICT affiliation with GTU on 13th February, 2015
  • Expert talk on “National Funding agency for research” on 15/9/15
Conference attended:
  • Attended International Conference on “Women in science and technology: Creating Sustainable Career” at BVM, Vallabh Vidhyanagar (28-30 Jan- 2016).
  • 3-days International Conference on “History and Recent Developments in Mathematics, with Applications in Science and Technology (ICHDMAST 2019)” during December 17-19, 2019 at MBIT, New V .V. Nagar, Gujarat.
Events organized:
  • Organized workshop entitled “Antenna designing using CST software” in Samarthya ,2015 hosted by MBICT on 23rd -25th march ,2015
  • Organized 1-day seminar on “National education day” under GTU at MBICT on 14th November 2014.
  • Organized expert talk on “Antenna & wave propagation” on 19th feb-2016.
  • Organized talk on “adulation for female health” at sharda hostel on 11/3/16.
  • Organized “71th Vidhyanagar Sthapana divas” at hostel on 3/3/16.

Microprocessor and interfacing (3160712)

Course Outcome

  • Demonstrate the various features of microprocessor, memory and I/O devices including concepts of system bus.
  • Identify the hardware elements of 8085 microprocessor including architecture and pin functions and programming model including registers, instruction set and addressing modes
  • Select appropriate 8085 instructions based on size and functions to write a given assembly language program.
  • Design a given interfacing system using concepts of memory and I/O interfacing.
  • Demonstrate the features of advanced microprocessors.
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Digital Fundamental (3130704)

Course Outcome

  • Solve the given problem using fundamentals of Number systems and Boolean algebra.
  • Analyze working of logic families and logic gates and design the simple circuits using various gates for a given problem.
  • Design and implement Combinational and Sequential logic circuits and verify its working.
  • Examine the process of Analog to Digital conversion and Digital to Analog conversion.
  • Implement PLDs for the given logical problem.
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